Michellecter aka Naturalbornbadseed aka Michalina Nina Kot is an artist born in 1996, currently located in Gdynia, Poland.

Forever drawn to art, turning 15 she began her photography and makeup artist journey. At the age of 19 she graduated International Makeup School NOVA MASKA in Poznań, which let her create an unique image over the course of years and become highly self sufficient as a model. She does all the styling work herself, for majority of photo and video shoots. She’s also experienced in styling other people for such occasions, including the stage ready makeup. She collaborated with musicians (e.g. rockband Sautrus) and Culture Consulate in Gdynia.

For a while she had the opportunity to debut as an actress, picking up roles in “Terrorysci” theater play and short film “Konferencja”. For years she worked for Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, and posed for paintings and sculptures for artists such as Anna Wypych. She was involved in countless artistic and photography initiatives and publications, locally and outside the country, just to mention few like being the face of Poznań Tattoo Convent and Agata Suchocka’s “Underground” book cover, or becoming inspiration for the painting of Maria Szachnowska, later exhibited in Versailles Museum.

In the last 10 years of her modeling career Michellecter was involved in over hundred photoshoots.

Since 2019 she works as photographer. Even though she doesn’t consider herself to be digestible for wider public, her work has already been noticed and featured in photography exhibitions. Her motto is “I prefer to shoot madmen than cute children”.

In private a dominatrix, pole dancer and mother of her cat Lucifer. Despite the looks – humble and sensitive, full of dark humour. Quoting Dawid Hemke “not as scary as she appears”.

Unfortunately, since 2019 also consumed by fighting the psychofan/stalker case, which led to losing social media platforms, money and most important – health. After a long break, sickness & demanding procedures she is back on track, ready to reach for new artistic accomplishments and open for fresh collaborations.